“I would like my life to come easy, and my sky full of stars”

Our story starts in Northern Italy where 1ofUs, having played piano from the age of 5, is fronting his own rock band, on voice and keyboards, aged 12. Going on to form numerous bands, singing and playing hundreds of gigs in clubs throughout Italy, Europe and the Middle East, 1ofUs also follows his love of form, aesthetics and movement, and completes a degree in Architecture in Venice.

Performing as a jazz and blues artist, influenced by pop rock and English progressive rock, he signs with Warner. Regrettably, on the very eve of stardom, the discographic project is scrapped.

Pouring all of his unmet energies into Architecture, he opens a studio in Germany, another in Italy, and spends the next years projecting buildings across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

One magic day, in June 2015, a chance meeting and a simple exchange of words with a British musician in Milan convinces him to rock again. It’s never too late to sit down at the piano. Right?

He calls an old friend and together they arrange new songs. In December 1ofUs went to London to record.

Nietzsche said “without music life would be a mistake



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Tour dates and tickets for the 2016 1ofus UK Tour coming soon.

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